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Who are we?

Alta Skiferbrudd B.V. in the Eemshaven, The Netherlands is responsible for the global sales of Alta Quartzite outside Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States. Alta Quartzite is quarried by Alta Skiferbrudd SA, a cooperation of quarry workers in Alta, Norway, established in 1933.

Alta Skiferbrudd SA has the exclusive concession rights for quarrying in the Altadalen area granted by the province Finnmark in northern Norway. Alta Skiferbrudd B.V. is part of the Alta Skiferbrudd group. The organizational structure can be defined as follows:

What do we do?

Alta Skiferbrudd B.V., based in the Eemshaven-The Netherlands, is the worldwide sales office (except Scandinavia, Russia & Baltic countries) for Alta Quartzite.

Globally our strategy is to approach the project market via (sole) distributors and or (sole) agents architects and developers.

In this market segment Alta Skiferbrudd B.V. works with a “pull” marketing strategy, whereby marketing and sales efforts are directed towards principles, like architects, developers, communities etc.

In the early stage of a potential project, where the crucial design phase takes place, our task is to advise Alta Quartzite about its esthetic and technical properties in co-operation with our domestic agent/ distributor.

In the trade market we co-operate with selected (stock-keeping) distributors.

Where are we?

Which logistics are we using?

From the factory in Alta the material is shipped (in a cycle of approx. 3 weeks) by coaster-vessel to our stockyard in the Eemshaven. In this port we unload and stock the material at Wagenborg Stevedoring. From the Eemshaven we have 3 alternative logistics options to transport our orders, i.e. container-road- and rail-transport.

Product Features

Alta Quartzite


Geographical & Geological origin

Alta Quartzite occurs around the Alta fjord and along the Altaelva river, from Altadalen to Tverrelvdalen, over an area of approximately 100 km2.

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Technical Data

Alta Quartzite is a grey-green, shimmering silver, extremely dense fine- to medium-grained stone with a prominent parallel texture.

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Functional Properties

Alta Quartzite is known worldwide for its hardness and strength. The minimal water absorption shows that this stone is composed of very dense material.

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Ecological sustainability

The use of Alta Quartzite as a building material has a long lasting tradition as it is found in nearly ready form in nature.

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Production Process

Quarrying & Splitting


Alta Quartzite is extremely hardwearing, high quality and is very slip resistant due to the natural riven surface.The beauty and excellent technical characteristics of this material can be found in numerous applications.

Public Transport Areas Stations & Airports

Interior Public areas

Exterior / Landscape Public areas

Leisure Swimming pools & Welness

Wall Cladding & Wall Bricks Interior & Exterior

Private Areas Interior & Exterior

Roofing Shaped & Roughly shaped

Our Team

Wilco Janssen

Wilco Janssen

Managing Director


Janneke de Vries

Janneke de Vries

Office Manager


Eddy Wierenga

Eddy Wierenga



Alta Skiferbrudd B.V.

Alta Skiferbrudd B.V.

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